On Monday the 1st of March Q5D’s CEO Stephen Bennington will present at the 1st open day of the Repair 3D Project – a 4 year €5.9m H2020 project with 18 partners coming from leading industrial and academia sectors in the UK and EU.

Stephen will discuss the benefits and challenges of structures containing electrical function and also the environmental merit of Q5D’s methods. Stephen will share details of our unique FFF/FDM capabilities and links to an upcoming research project which will optimise the lamination of high performance polymers.

Participation in this event is free but registration is required. If you are interested in attending, you could get more information from the project website and download the registration form, or send an email to the organisers at Open.Day@repair3d.eu . Please send the filled form back to Open.Day@repair3d.eu in order to receive a confirmation of your registration and additional information.

Forms and more detail are available here: