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Q5D is a start-up, founded by engineers and scientists with an entrepreneurial spirit. We love to innovate and we have ambitious plans to disrupt the way that products are made.

We are using robotic and additive techniques to embed wiring and printed electronics into aircraft and electric vehicles. We are ambitious; wiring is one of the last parts of the manufacturing process that is still done largely by hand and we believe that our technology will have global impact.

The company is growing quickly; we are backed by high quality venture investors and our technology is beginning to be picked up by leaders in the aerospace and automotive sectors. But we are at the start of our journey and the team is still small. We don’t have the hierarchy or bureaucracy of a large company, which means you might find yourself having to learn new skills and doing things you didn’t expect. If you join us now you will get the chance to shape the company’s future.

Selection of Q5D end-effectors
Q5D 5-axis additive

Available positions

If you think you would like be part of our team and help us grow the company then send us your CV using this page and don’t worry about a carefully crafted cover letter, we promise that we will read every CV carefully and get back to you quickly.

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