About US

Q5D is an innovative company with a mission to automate the manufacture and assembly of wiring looms. We are developing machinery and processes for the Automotive and Aerospace industries to gain the highest level of accreditation. The benefits our products and process provide will be clearly visible in vehicles and consumer products of the future.

Our unique technology allows wiring looms to be integrated with existing cosmetic or structural parts already in the assembly, removing fasteners and features that are needed to keep the wire in the correct locations. This integration allows savings in weight, assembly time and gives greater design freedom.

Q5D combines the knowledge, IP and skills of two highly innovative UK high-tech companies. Together they have the experience to be able to rapidly drive this new technology to market.

The two companies were brought together at meetings of the Bessemer Society an organisation made up of the founders and CEOs of UK manufacturing companies. CEL-UK had developed a clever 5-axis platform that incorporated a 3D printer and silver based printed electronics, but they were frustrated that the silver paste needed to be cured in an oven. M-Solv had developed a technology that could cure and sinter much less expensive copper inks using a laser, so no separate ovens. It was a perfect match not only technically, but also in outlook and personality; in April 2019 Q5D was created.


CEL UK has been designing innovative high-quality 3D printers since 2008. The company has a strong engineering design capability and a proven track record of design through to manufacture. The Company launched the Robox® 3D printer on Kickstarter in 2013, and has established a strong position in educational and domestic printers underwritten by excellent customer service.
They are experts and design for large scale manufacture of product.


M-Solv has successfully established itself as an innovative leader in developing new and advanced laser processes in microelectronic, photovoltaic and flat panel display manufacture for both commercial and scientific applications.

They are world leaders in the design and manufacture of machine tools for printed electronics and laser micromachining and the manufacture of high-end printed electronics components.


Steve Bennington CEO

Steve Bennington


Prof Bennington founded and ran the hydrogen storage company Cella Energy for six years. He raised of $10 million for the company.
Prior to this Stephen designed and built large scale scientific infrastructure and is a visiting professor of Physics at University College London
Chris Elsworthy CTO

Chris Elsworthy


Chris has been MD of CEL-UK for 11 years and has built the company into a successful business that manufactures the highly regarded 3D printers sold under the brand Robox®.
Chris trained as an industrial product design engineer and has a broad spectrum of experience in both large corporations and SMEs
Janet Donovan CFO

Janet Donovan


Janet began her career with PricewaterhouseCoopers before moving into industry working for Smiths Aerospace, which become GE Aviation Systems. After leaving GE Janet went on to be CFO at an advanced materials and energy company prior to establishing a boutique management and advisory service firm, where she acted as interim CFO for several companies ranging from an AIM list green-tech firm to small technology SMEs.
She is currently the CFO of M-solv
Adam Brunton CMO

Adam Brunton


Dr Adam Brunton was a physics lecturer in at Leicester University, developing optics and detectors for X-ray astronomy space missions. He moved into industry where he used his laser expertise, usually in customer focused roles
Adam joined M-Solv in 2008, he has had various roles including leading the Sales and Marketing team
Phil Rumsby CBDO

Phil Rumsby


Dr Rumsby is Chief Executive Officer of M-Solv Ltd.  He has worked with lasers and industrial applications of lasers for over 40 years.  Initially he worked with ultra high-power lasers for scientific research at the UK Atomic Energy Authority and the Rutherford Appleton Lab.
He founded Exitech Ltd in 1984 which designed and manufactured industrial laser micro-machining tools. He founded M-Solv in 2007 and is the CEO